Weather Data Viewer DVD, Version 6.0

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Software by ASHRAE, 2017

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Weather Data Viewer version 6.0 enables users to view the frequency tables and joint frequency matrices for all 8,118 stations provided in the 2017 ASHRAE Handbook–Fundamentals. Using Microsoft® Excel®, users can display the tables in numeric form or plot the frequency distribution, the cumulative distribution function, and the mean coincident functions. Also available are joint frequency matrices of dry-bulb temperature and time of day (also known as temperature bin data) and additional information, such as time zones of the stations and the months and years that were used for station design condition calculations. Weather Data Viewer also provides calculators to implement various calculation methods found in the Handbook, such as those for return period minimum/maximum temperatures, degree-days to any base, design day temperature, clear sky solar radiation, and load calculation data, as well as a bin data generator.

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