SMPTE RP 291-2:2013

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Ancillary Data Space Use – 4:2:2 SDTV and HDTV Component Systems and 4:2:2 2048 x 1080 Production Image Formats
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 02/05/2013

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This document provides information on the size of the ancillary data space in 8-bit and 10-bit 4:2:2 component HDTV systems and 10-bit 4:2:2 2048×1080 Production Image formats operating on 1.485 Gb/sec, and 2.97 Gb/sec and dual link 1.485 Gb/sec serial digital interfaces. Additionally, the document covers 8-bit and 10-bit 4:2:2 component SDTV systems operating on 270 Mb/sec serial digital interfaces. The frame rates of the included formats are in range from 24 Hz/1.001, 25 Hz, 30 Hz/1.001, 48 Hz/1.001, 50 Hz, and 60 Hz/1.001 for progressive, progressive segmented frames or interlace formats. This document also describes the rules for carriage of ancillary data packets conforming to SMPTE ST 291-1

The carriage of ancillary data packets in composite SDTV systems, 4:4:4 component systems 360 Mb/sec and 540 Mb/sec and multiple link 2.97 Gb/sec serial digital interfaces, 12-bit interfaces, as well as the carriage of ancillary data packets in file formats are not covered by this document.

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