Introduction to Nuclear Concepts for Engineers

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Book by American Nuclear Society,

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This is a new textbook that presents students with nuclear concepts, models, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills that are essential for success in subsequent course work in reactor theory and engineering. Designed for a sophomore science or engineering student with a firm foundation in the basics of college physics and mathematics through ordinary differential equations. Mayo's book addresses concepts in modern physics (special relativity, quantum concepts, etc.) and develops those concepts as necessary in the presentation of the text material. The text objective is to present fundamental nuclear principles in a clear and understandable, yet physically sound, manner. Presented concisely in six chapters, this book consists of 376 pages with three appendices (Unit Conversion Factors, Table of Atomic Masses, and Neutron Scattering Cross Sections). Chapter coverage includes basic principles, nuclear reactions, neutron interactions, decay of radionuclides, fission and fusion, and interaction of radiation with matter. Problems and questions are posed at the end of each chapter, and a detailed subject index is provided.

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